HDR 創作工具 Photomatix 推出 5.0 版本


Photomatix  在 2013/11/20 推出來 5.0 版本,試玩了一下,除了處理速度更加流暢外,據官網上的說明,還有新增了幾項功能,熊子試了「色調對應的對比最佳化(Contrast Optimizer)」與「移除鬼影自定區域(Automatic Deghosting offers additional options)」


New Tone Mapping method named Contrast Optimizer.







New Fusion method called Fusion/Real-Estate.


Automatic Deghosting offers additional options.







20-Nov-13  Updated in v5.0
Main new features in v5.0
New Tone Mapping method named Contrast Optimizer. It is good at producing realistic-looking results while still enhancing shadows and highlights. You can access it via the ‘Balanced’ preset (second on the list).
New Fusion method called Fusion/Real-Estate. It is intended for rendering interior scenes with a view out of the window. It replaces the Fusion/Realistic method available in batch mode in version 4.2.
Option to enable Exposure Fusion when a single RAW file is loaded.
Automatic Deghosting offers additional options: You can adjust the Deghosting strength and select the base exposure used, with the help of a preview of the deghosted image.
Updates in Batch of Bracketed Photos: You can now select a Preset directly from the main batch window, and can also process with multiple presets and custom settings.
More options on Workflow Shortcuts panel. In particular, ability to return with one click to the last session to process the image again with different settings.
Option to refresh Preview continuously as slider moves. You can enable it on the General section of the Preferences dialog (not available when the OS is Windows 32-bit).
Other updates in v5.0
Significant improvements to alignment of hand-held images.
Automatic highlight recovery is now used before tone mapping a single RAW file.
When using Photomatix Pro via the Lightroom Plugin, photos part of a Collection are now re-imported into the Collection.
Better support for multiple monitor configurations.
Contextual help for Merge to HDR Options shows in a help frame.
Bug fixed: Minimising and restoring Photomatix main window could result in displayed images not being shown correctly.
Bug fixed: Open and Save As dialogs always appeared on the primary monitor, even if Photomatix was displaying on a different one.
Bug fixed: Setting information embedded in output images was incorrect when using Batch Bracketed Photos.
Bug fixed: Some windows opened in incorrect locations if Photomatix was closed when minimised.
Bug fixed: Photomatix did not show in the task bar on startup if the Workflow Shortcuts window was disabled in the preferences.
Bug fixed: Minimising and then restoring Photomatix main window made Finishing Touch window disappear.
Bug fixed: Values for red and blue were swapped around in the Preview for adjusting the White Balance when loading RAW files.


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